Link Love/Week in Review 1/4/13

linkloveHappy Friday!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog…about blogging in general. Things are about to get cooking…like really hot with freelance work, and I’ve noticed lately that I’ve shoved a few paid projects to the back burner recently so I could focus on this blog and reading your blogs. But I have to make some changes, or else risk losing some actual paid work.

As much as I love reading your stuff, I have SO many to look at now. I want to read them all, I really do, but it’s too much. So I’m trying to follow a schedule of only reading stuff from my google reader Mon/Wed morning and over the weekend when I have time.

I’m going quit my Week in Review posts on Sunday afternoon so I can just focus on writing one post for Monday morning. And I’m going to start combining Link Love/Week in Review for my Friday posts.

I think being on that schedule will keep me more focused on the big rocks in my jar instead of the little ones being scattered all over the place.

Whew! Now that I got that out of the way, here are some highlights of this past week:

-I reached 743 viewers on Jan 1st for my post, 13 Ways to Start the New Year Right. Maybe these are average numbers for some of you, but a HUGE spike for me. That lasted about two days. lol!

-Ran 2x this week (one long & one 20 min interval beach run)

-Did two 45 minute NTC workouts.

-Got jury duty but successfully changed the date to a more convenient time (is it ever convenient?)

-Played beach volleyball for the first time in two months! The shoulder hurt, but not any more than doing absolutely nothing.

-Organized my apartment.

-Had a mellow NYE at a friend’s house watching Return of the Jedi and Eddie Murphy: Delirious.

-Started the initial planning on a trip I might be taking in May! Can’t say what yet.

-Feeling thankful for the support from great friends!

-Meditated every day!

Now here are some blogs I enjoyed from this past week: 

2013 – resolution poster- Creating Clever

Totally Unrealistic Resolutions- Savvy Scot

How to Stop Biting Your Nails- See Debt Run

On Being A Sapiosexual- Thirty Six Months

How to Stick with Your Resolution – What Works!- And Then We Saved

Finances In The New Year + New Budget = Success Formula- Canadian Budget Binder

Can You Afford to Live Until You’re 90?- Club Thrifty

5 Simple Steps to Kick 2013 Into High Gear- The Free Financial Advisor

13 money resolutions for 2013: #1 start somewhere!- Reach Financial Independence

Hope you all have a great weekend! It’s supposed to be a lot warmer here and I have to work. Oh well, work is good!

BTW a friend posted this on FB and I thought it was awesome!



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  • Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank

    I hate getting lumped with Jury duty. Fortunately twice when I got called up I didn’t get selected and the third time I was in the middle of some critical work and my employer had me excused.

    • Budget & the Beach

      I know, I groan when I see the letter in the mailbox. :(

  • DC @ Young Adult Money

    “I’ve noticed lately that I’ve shoved a few paid projects to the back burner recently so I could focus on this blog and reading your blogs. But I have to make some changes, or else risk losing some actual paid work.” Honestly it’s a balance, and I think the changes you said you are making are good ones! I really shouldn’t read/comment on 30 blogs a day 5 days a week…i should prioritize a bit more. But I am ditching my Saturday posts until I have M-F under control. I have paid work too that has suffered a bit because of my blog.

    • Budget & the Beach

      OK we both need to get back on track! :)

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    I can relate to the schedule issue. I need to come up with a better one myself and there’s just SO MANY blogs out there that there’s only so much you can do in one day. From the looks of it I think your schedule changes should help you a good bit. Congrats on the viewer spike! I had a huge spike as well the weekend before Christmas and it lasted all of three days. :)

    • Budget & the Beach

      ha ha! Well gotta start somewhere right? Good luck with your scheduling challenges as well!

  • holly

    Thanks for mentioning us! I hope that you have an awesome weekend!

    • Budget & the Beach

      Thanks you too!

  • Pauline

    Thanks for the love T and congrats on the visitors spike!

    • Budget & the Beach

      You’re welcome! Thanks!

  • Mackenzie Randompath

    Yeah on the huge spike you got! Woo hoo!
    Have a good weekend Tonya!!!

    • Budget & the Beach

      Thank, you too! Enjoy the warmer weather. I’ll be working. :(

  • Even Cheap

    Congrats on the huge spike!

    • Budget & the Beach

      Thank you! Hopefully my averages will go up. That would be nice!

  • Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses

    Wow that’s a lot of visits! You go girl!

    • Budget & the Beach

      Thanks! Wish I knew what I did so I could do it again!

  • eemusings

    Woah you’re kicking ass! I think my biggest ever day was less than that and driven by Stumbleupon, nice one! And keep your eyes on the money – your paid work has gotta come first.

    • Budget & the Beach

      I know my jaw dropped when I read that. I wish I knew what I did right with that article so I could do it again.

  • CanadianBudgetBinder

    Good for you sounds like things are looking up… glad to hear you made it out to play volleyball. I understand what you mean about the reading and commenting as it can get to be alot. You have to pick the blogs that you really enjoy to read or the posts that strike your fancy. I’m sure 2013 will fall into place for you. Go get em! Cheers Mr.CBB

    • Budget & the Beach

      Thanks! Yes I’m sure every blogger has the same problem!

  • Miss T

    Look at all of those things you accomplished. Good for you. I am totally with you on not having time to read a ton of blogs. I don’t get a chance to do it like I used it. It does get to be too much so we just have to do the best we can.

    I love the infographic too. Great reminder.

    Good luck in 2013. You are going to rock it.

    • Budget & the Beach

      Thanks Miss. T! If only I got paid to be a full time blogger…I’d kill it! ha ha! But I don’t…so gotta make sure I keep my hobby in perspective.

  • Pelican on Money

    You deserve a break :) I think you made the right decision by combining weekend posts into a Friday post. I also took this step from day one by deciding not to post on weekends to cut on workload. Now it’s new year and I have yet to post anything. I’m thinking of cutting down to 3 days per week to focus on other things I’ve been neglecting.

    • Budget & the Beach

      I know it’s hard because you want to keep your number up, but for me at least…I need to be realistic. I actually have PAID work I can get to and get it done and make money! The world won’t end if I don’d do an extra Sunday post. :)

  • Debt and the Girl

    Don’t even worry about it. You have to pay your bills right? Take as much time as you need. The wort thing would be constantly stressing all the time because you were not working enough.