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linkloveAfter last week’s fresh start of the new year and all the posts about goals, dreams, visions, etc., I find myself this week with sort of a problem: writers block mixed with a lack of time. That’s OK, it happens to the best of us…right? RIGHT?! :)

I actually do have a post waiting in the wings, but wanted to save it until Monday, because I’ll be gone most of Sunday morning and afternoon taking part in a mountain 6k race near Thousand Oaks, California. And in the evening I hope to be chillin’ on the couch watching The Golden Globes. Yay awards season! It’s my “football season,” if you will.

Instead I’ll just provide you with a few ramblings:

1. What are you watching on TV these days? For me I’m watching a few old favorites like Chicago Fire, Nashville, and The Biggest Loser, while enjoying a few new shows added to the roster this year: The Blacklist, Reign (gotta have at least one teen-ish drama), and Agents of Shield (LOVE this show). I dropped The Vampire Diaries this year because I just couldn’t take it anymore. A few of you know what I’m talking about (Hi Mackenzie!) :) I’m also in love with Scandal, but since I got started late catching up with seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix, I missed the first few episodes of this season on Hulu, so now I have to wait. :( #FWP. I’m also excited the Downton Abbey is back on!

I also watched the show Revenge over the holidays, since they shoot that show on my street quite often. It’s decent but the green screen effect of Emily sillouetted against the “east coast” sunset is pretty bad. Actually I recognize most of the locations they shoot (Marina del Rey, Manhattan Beach), so it kind of takes me out of the moment, but there is this seriously hot British guy named Barry Sloan on season 2…I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me…but he has a very Bond-eque qualities that I think are dreamy.

So as you can see, Netflix and Hulu are well worth the expense in my world.

2. One of my goals this year was to start working on my left shoulder, which has been in pain for nearly a year. I’ve been to two ART (active release therapy) sessions and my arm feels pretty beat up. I hope it will help.

3. How does everyone feel about watching the Olympics in February? I don’t get very political on here, but it still irks me (that’s putting it mildly) that being gay is a crime there. Part of me wants to boycott watching the Olympics, and part of me LOVES watching. What are your thoughts?

4. Another one of my goals this year is to buy and learn to play the ukulele. Since a couple of you weren’t quite sure what that is, I posted a video of my first “lesson.” It was more of an impromptu thing after I did my long run last Saturday with my friend Amy, who has two ukuleles. I have to say, I may be hooked. The only issue is I don’t want to buy one if I don’t find the time to be committed to practicing. I just don’t want it to sit in the corner. Enjoy this 32 second concert! :)

 And now for a little Link Love!

I wrote two articles on Healthy, Fit, and Frugal this week: 1/2 Marathon Training Diaries-Week 10 and Lack of Sleep, Dreams, and Cravings.

Kali from Common Sense Millennial talks about something that is a heated argument in the freelance world: Lacking Experience? Do Some Work for Free. I also wanted to take this moment to give a huge shout out to Kali who has been helping me with some VA work on my site, as well as a few other projects. She’s been awesome to work with and is super speedy with her work! I can’t say enough good things, so hire her if you get the chance!

Brian from Luke1428 writes about Some Unforeseen but Realistic Drawbacks to Chasing Your Dream.

DB40 from Done By Forty reminds us to keep things in perspective when we think we have it bad:  What’s it Like in America?

Kim from Eyes on the Dollar talks about another subject which gets me pretty heated, and I don’t even have kids: Should You Support a Lazy Kid?

Congrats to Melanie from Dear Debt on 1 year of blogging!

Kathleen from Frugal Portland tells us How to Save Half Your Income. I’d like to get to 10% this year! OK I’ll aim for 20%. :)

Anna from Are Ya Gonna Eat That writes a really funny post about her normal training routine: Confessions of a Somewhat-Procastinating Early Bird with a Love-Hate Fitness Relationship, which was an answer to Jefferson at See Debt Run and Primal Weight Loss’s post: A Typical Run.

Brendan from Fit is the New Poor gets deeper into the unemployment and underemployment subject: Underemployment: Big Issue or Just Ego?

Holly from Club Thrifty gives some great advice to freelance wannabes:  Quit Your Job: How to Know When it’s Time.

What are you all up to this weekend? Anyone else a fan of the Golden Globes? What are your thoughts on the Olympics?


Tonya is a video editor/producer and writer living in Los Angeles who enjoys beach volleyball, playing ukulele, and running. To get the latest updates, be sure to subscribe. To support her fundraising efforts to produce more video for this site, please visit her crowdfunding page!

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  • eemusings (NZMuse)

    Bones, House of Cards, Scandal, Orange is the New Black!

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      I tried watching OITNB but just couldn”t get into it!

  • Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    We missed the first few of Scandal and have to wait too. Such a bummer! I have been watching Prison Break,which was good at first, but has jumped the shark, but I feel like I have to see it through. I love the Golden Globes because they all get drunk during the ceremony. I also love the Olympics. It sucks that Russia is so backward, but I won’t fault the athletes who have trained their whole life for two weeks of glory,except for maybe Shaun White who has had a decade or more of dynasty. Thanks for the mention!

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      I loved the first season of Prison Break but had to stop watching in season 2 because it was getting ridiculous. I don’t mind ditching a show if it goes off the rails. My friends are still committed to Grey’s Anatomy because they started watching from the beginning, but I left that show years ago. I hear you on the Olympics too. I do get so inspired by watching the athletes. I love the sob stories they play before the athletes compete. I’m usually crying every time I watch. :)

  • Charles@Gettingarichlife

    Tonya what is a ukulele? Just kidding. Some people think it’s a Hawaiian item but it’s actually Portugese, much like Malasadas. I think Revenge is dragging on too long, jeebus how many times can you hate the Graysons and not reveal all their secrets.

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      I had no idea it was Portuguese! It’s such a happy sounding instrument! I hear you on Revenge. It’s going to jump the shark if they keep doing the same thing. I love Nolan! He is my favorite character on the show.

  • Holly Johnson

    Thanks for the mention!
    I love Biggest Loser too but it makes me want to snack! =/

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      I do the same thing! I want to drink wine and eat chocolate.

  • http://www.youngadultmoney.com/ DC @ Young Adult Money

    Some of the shows I’m watching are Parenthood, Community, Parks and Rec, and Modern Family. We finally got Hulu Plus and Netflix and Hulu Plus has all the latest episodes of those shows, so I’m on overload right now. I typically just get the DVDs from the library when they come out so I was behind by a season or so on each one. But now they are all just sitting in my Hulu Plus, waiting for me to watch them : )

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      I love hulu and netflix. Seriously I’d be lost whiteout them…or maybe I’d have more of a social life…hmmm. :)

      • http://www.youngadultmoney.com/ DC @ Young Adult Money

        Haha I hear you about the whole social life thing. I could easily just come home from work each day and watch shows for the next year and still have more to watch!

  • http://www.budgetbloggess.com/ Michelle

    I haven’t been watching much TV at all, I find I watch old movies on TCM the most. I’ll be watching the Golden Globes, mostly because my celeb crush Colin Farrell will be one of the presenters, LOL! This weekend will be catch up time, especially with blog posts, work has been super busy and I’ve been suffering from writers block too. Don’t buy the ukelele until you’re committed to it! I have three instruments (that I should sell) because I got overzealous with lessons and now I hardly practice.

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks? Colin is SO good in that movie. Heartbreaking! Funny about the instruments. I bought guitar awhile back and never committed to playing either. I eventually sold it.

  • Kali @ Common Sense Millennial

    Thanks for the shout-out, Tonya! I appreciate it :D

    I feel the exact same way about the Olympics! It’s disgusting to me that being gay is a crime in Russia. But I’m like you, I LOVE watching the games. I don’t think I’ll watch any of the ceremonies, but I’ll watch the events because I DO want to support our athletes and cheer them on. Also, I love that Prez Obama selected openly gay athlete delegates to represent the White House.

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      Yeah I do hear what your saying and watching the athletes is just so inspiring. I love that the prez is doing that. In yo face Putin!

  • Done by Forty

    Let me know if you do a boycott. I’d be down. That nonsense pisses me off and would welcome an opportunity to do something like that. Maybe enough PF bloggers promoting it would help the idea spread?

    You sound great, and on your first lesson, too! I’m ten days into the year and the guitar is still in the garage. I’m leaning towards trying out the piano/keyboard, but like you, I’m hesitant to make the purchase. Maybe I should learn the instrument I have, first, you know?

    And thanks so much for including my post in your links!

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      Yeah I’m still so on the fence. That law just seems so incredibly backwards in my opinion. It’s illegal some people to love who they want. Grrrr. I bought a guitar once thinking I’d be the next great singer/songwriter, but sadly it collected dust in the corner so I sold it, so I’m being cautious of my next instrument purchase. :)

  • Sharon @A Brunette Out Of Debt

    Hi Tonya! I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! I found you last year and I always get excited when I see you have a new post :) As for tv shows – I just got into Breaking Bad a few months ago! I’d never even heard of it until this year LOL! Thank God for Netflix! But we got about halfway into the last season, and Netflix doesn’t have the last 8 episodes! Can you believe that? They said they’re still working on getting them. Oh my gosh! So I am stuck not knowing how it ends yet. >_< But anyways, Happy New Year and happy blogging! :D

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      Thanks Sharon! I really appreciate it! I found your blog and will have to start following your journey! I still haven’t totally gotten into breaking bad even though everyone raves about it. At least I’ll have something to watch if run out of shows or I’m all caught up with everything else! I hope you find something to preoccupy your time while you wait for the final episodes! :)

  • http://deardebt.com/ Dear Debt

    Ugh, I hate writer’s block. I’m suffering from a lack of/mismanagement of time. I am not sure what’s going on with the Olympics but I’ll check it out. Thanks for the link love and glad we are blogging buds :)

    I love that ukelele video, so cute! Keep sharing! I hope you have a great run this weekend!

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      Seems like a bit of writers block is going around like that nasty holiday cold did. lol! Oh well. I’m sure I’ll get a burst of energy sometime soon. Glad you liked the video!

  • alwayshungry4

    Awards season is your football season was hilarious!! We also watch Agents of Shield – it was a slow start, but now I really like it! My other faves are Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Dateline, and Shark Tank. It for sure irks me about the politics with the Olympics as well (well, and how it’s being fought tooth and nail in the US), but I don’t really watch the winter ones that much (love summer, though!). Thanks so much for the link love, and hope you have a great weekend, Tonya! Especially with the long run. :)

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      I love the relationship between Colson (sp) and Skye! And I’ve always been a fan of Joss Whedon so I had a feeling I’d like it. I want to fly on that plane! BTW I’m done with my 12-miler! Hurray!!! It’s all taper from here. My legs are going to be jello on that mountain run on sunday. OMG!

  • Mackenzie

    LOL, just say no to Vamp Diaries! I don’t even miss it :) I am glad Downton Abbey is back, but I was a bit disappointed in last Sunday’s episode.
    Have an awesome weekend and good luck with your race!! :D

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      I don’t miss it either. I am enjoying Reign though…but I love those period costumes and whatnot. I liked the first episode of downtown. I got teary when Carson showed up at the train station.

  • http://theheavypurse.com/ Shannon Ryan

    I hate writer’s block too. Those are the days I look for info graphics! LOL! My husband and kids watch TV. I sit with them but I’m mostly on my laptop. I really do like Shark Tank. I always find it fascinating to see what they have created. Good luck on your run this weekend!

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      Seems writers block is kind of going around judging by comments. Shark Tank seems to be a popular options, especially with PF bloggers!

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    I’ve been dealing with writer’s block a bit myself, but what can you do? :) We’ve been meaning to watch The Black List, but always seem to not get around to recording it. I’m looking forward to House of Cards coming back out with the next season in a few weeks. I’m just glad I get a reprieve from my wife’s favorite show – Once Upon A Time… until March. :)

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      I watched the first season of OUAT but didn’t like how the second season started so I gave up on that one. I keep hearing great things about HOC but I watched one episode and it didn’t quite pull me in.

  • http://www.makingsenseofcents.com/ Michelle

    Haha I also dropped Vampire Diaries. I think I watch the first 2 episodes this season but haven’t watched it since.

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      Yeah I watched two as well. I loved the simplicity of the first season.

  • http://frugalportland.com/ Kathleen O’Malley

    Thanks for the love, Tonya. It’s mutual! :)

    • http://budgetandthebeach.com/ Tonya

      Awe, thanks! :)

  • http://shopmyclosetproject.com/ Michelle

    Great list, I’ve read a couple but I need to start on the other ones. I love the following shows: The Blacklist, SCANDAL (on small hiatus), Sleepy Hollow (Guilty Pleasure), Grimm (ok-another Guilty Pleasure) I do want to look at Juan from The Bachelor-but I don’t like that show.

  • http://debtfreetejana.com/ La Tejana

    Yay Golden Globes! I am equally excited for award season! :)

    If you are looking for any new shows, Parenthood and Once Upon A Time are two of my favorites. I’m also pretty hooked on The Mindy Project. All worth the watch (especially Parenthood!!).

    And that’s so cool you are learning to play the ukulele. That’s such a neat hobby!!

  • http://luke1428.com/ Brian @ Luke1428

    We just got Amazon Prime to supplement our Netflix. They have some good shows on there Netflix doesn’t carry. I’m currently exercising my inner sci-fi by watching Battlestar Galactica. Never got into that before but the early returns on season one are good…at least for me. I’ll probably be knee deep into laundry, grocery shopping, writing and playoff football this weekend. Appreciate the link love as always!

  • E.M.

    I’ve been watching The Blacklist and my old favorites this season. My mom watches Chicago Fire and Revenge. I’ve caught glimpses of them and they were a little to soap opera like for me, haha. Good luck on your race!

  • http://thebrokeandbeautifullife.com/ Stefanie @ brokeandbeau

    I’m so curious to see how this olympics plays out. I’m half Ukrainian, and there’s huge showdown going on between Russia and Ukraine right now, so between that kind of political unrest, the backwards social policies and laws, and the violence, I think this olympics might be a bit of a shit show.

  • Jefferson

    I have been watching very little TV lately, but will definitely flip it on for the Olympics.. I can’t wait. I love the competition… Thanks for mentioning PWL, Tonya!!

  • Kemkem

    Hi, first time poster and recent discoverer of your blog. Nice! I love Netflix too. I watched House of Cards and loved it, almost as much as l love the original British version. I too have no problem ditching shows when they get ridiculous. I did the same with Prison Break, Heroes, etc..etc.. I lived in L.A (Santa Monica and Hollywood) for 18 years so l enjoy reminiscing with your blog.

  • Travis Pizel

    I’ve never been a fan of the Olympics…until the last Summer Olympics. I got sucked in…HARD. I’ll be glued to the TV for this round….looking forward to it! Do they have beach volleyball in the winter Olympics?? LOL.

  • Student Debt Survivor

    I’m a bigger fan of the summer olympics, but enjoy the winter games as well. I’m still conflicted about the location, but figure that the athletes themselves have worked so hard, I don’t want to “punish” them by not watching (not that they know or really care if I’m watching or not).

    I’ve been watching shark tank, moonshiners (not sure why but this one really intrigues me), and Dance moms (yup, I just wrote that-I’m not embarrassed-OK maybe a little bit ;-) )

  • http://www.LisaVsTheLoans.com/ Lisa vs. the Loans

    Writer’s block has definitely been kicking my ass lately, too! As far as TV, I’m absolutely addicted to Agents of SHIELD and Modern Family. Psych is one of my faves, but I haven’t seen any of the new season yet. I’m also watching How I Met Your Mother just to finish it since I’ve been so invested in the series this whole time and it’s now in it’s last season.