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ups and downsThis has been a relatively quiet and productive week for me. I was super stressed when I got home from my vacation last week, but my producer is on vacation this week, so I’m catching up on a million other things.

On my vacation I did a lot of thinking about the direction I’m heading with several projects. A lot I can’t talk about on this blog, so if you want to read the post I originally wrote last week, email me at budgetandthebeach{at}hotmail{dot com}.

One change I can mention here is that I can no longer manage to keep Healthy, Fit, and Frugal going. It’s funny, because in the yearly goals I posted in January, a big goal of mine was to grow and expand that site, but like I posted here about why I don’t set long term goals, things can change on a dime. Even personal fitness goals changed because of an unexpected injury.

The simple fact is I need to prioritize my life a little more to focus on some other things (again feel free to email me), and I needed to free up some time to do that.

In other news, I ended up doing a service barter with Kim, the owner of Bionic Body gym, so I’m doing around 9 hours of video work per month in exchange for a membership. We’ll see how it goes, but I do like working out at that gym so it’s worth trying.

My leg is improving (everyone seems to think it’s shin splints), and although I ran (on the beach) last week for the first time since my half marathon on Feb 2nd, it definitely hurt the next day. At least when I play beach volleyball it doesn’t seem too bad afterward, so for that I’m relieved.

I guess I don’t have too much else to say. I’ve been laying pretty low, but I’ll be spending lots of time at the beach this weekend and going to a friend’s birthday party. I’ve been feeling a bit anti-social lately so that will be nice.

Here is a little link love from this past week:

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What are you all  up to this weekend?


Tonya is a video editor/producer and writer living in Los Angeles who enjoys beach volleyball, playing ukulele, and running. To get the latest updates, be sure to subscribe. To support her fundraising efforts to produce more video for this site, please visit her crowdfunding page!

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  • Dear Debt

    I love that picture! So good. Thanks for the link love and I feel confident you will get where you need to go. Have a great weekend. xoxo

    • Tonya

      I know so funny and so true! Thanks Melanie!

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    I love that pic, because it’s so true many of the times. Very cool you were able to trade services to get the gym membership! We’ve done that a number of times and can be a nice way to get something without having to put up the cash. Thanks so much for the mention, I really appreciate it!

    • Tonya

      I know I’ve been wanting to use that pic for some time. I wish I knew who originally did it. I feel bad posting stuff that isn’t mine.

  • Done by Forty

    Mrs. DB40 just left for a 4+ month trip, so I’m going to spend this weekend moping and feeling sorry for myself. And eating red meat while listening to Bright Eyes.

    I hear you on prioritizing things. One of my 2014 goals (the business) is on the ropes and may just be cut from the list, so I don’t keep beating myself up over it. That picture is flipping awesome…thanks for the reminder that life doesn’t follow my plans.

    • Tonya

      “And eating red meat while listening to Bright Eyes” You are hilarious and I know if we met in real life we’d get along fabulously since we have a similar sense of humor. Even big businesses go through and have to change things up when things aren’t working. I think its realizing when to quit and when to keep pushing. Good luck with your decisions too!

  • Kali @ Common Sense Millennial

    Love that picture – so true! Hope you feel a little less frenzied after catching up with some stuff this week, and no worries on how things are changing. As you already talked about, life throws curveballs and the only thing that really matters is how well you can adapt to the change – and it seems like you’re doing a great job with just that :)

    Thanks for the link love, friend, and I hope you have an excellent weekend!

    • Tonya

      Yes great point about adapting. I’m glad I challenged myself with certain projects, but right now I have to focus on the “real” work. If I was a rich housewife I’d love to just play around and build lots of websites and write! lol!

  • DC @ Young Adult Money

    I’m dealing with the same issue as far as a second site goes. I did some initial work on my health-care related site but haven’t touched it in well over a month now. I’d like to get back on it, but I feel compelled to start a second finance site if I do start one because I can double-dip on the advertisers. It’s really hard to juggle the development of a second site with all the other priorities, so I totally understand you changing directions and not maintaining it. Maybe you can let it sit for a while and pick it up in the future?

    I’m car shopping this weekend so fingers crossed we find one that we like and get a good vibe from. Hope you have a good weekend!

    • Tonya

      I think if that’s all I had to concentrate on was running websites it would be totally awesome. But the reality is the other one is not going to sustain me financially, and I have to be realistic about that. I need to focus on what brings in income. Good luck with your decisions and finding a new car. I’m SO happy I have a new car now, despite the car payment. Its nice to know I won’t break down at any moment.

  • Shannon Ryan

    I’m glad that you had some times to do some soul-searching and figure out what’s best for you. Love the picture because it so true! We create plans that assume straight lines from point A to point B but that is never the reality. You need to do what’s best for you. I’m glad you leg is improving and hopefully a little more TLC and you go back to running at the beach. Thanks for the mention too – I appreciate it! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Tonya

      I know that photo is hilarious and so true! Thanks Shannon! Was already out at the beach all morning doing a little training and watching some pros train. Gotta love where we live for that!

  • Stefanie @ brokeandbeau

    I can’t imagine running more than one site, it’s a lot. And I totally feel that picture at the top of the post. Reality is a roller coaster!

    • Tonya

      Yeah I admire people who can do it well. Maybe that’s all they have to concentrate on? Not sure.

  • Andrew

    Loved the picture…so very true. Good luck with everything. Wow beach weather…here in the northeast, we’re just happy that there’s no more snow (well I hope not…fingers crossed). Thanks for the mention.

    • Tonya

      Yeah not gonna lie, it’s the best thing about living here. We do have very windy springs though…if that makes you feel any better? :)

  • Ryan @ Impersonal Finance

    Best of luck with everything Tonya. I totally know what you mean, sometimes you just have to take and step back on focus on doing what’s right. And it’s totally awesome that you were able to barter for a free gym membership! I really need to start trying things like that. Thanks for the mention, and I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Tonya

      Thanks Ryan! We’ll see how the gym thing works out. Sometimes those don’t always go so well but it’s not a big deal if it doesn’t. I managed to work out on my own for years!

  • Heather @ Run Like a G!

    I wish I could go to the beach with you. The weather is just horrible here. They say it will be 50 degrees but then it rains and it is like 20 degrees. I NEED SUN! :)

  • Alicia

    Sounds like you went on an amazing vacation! It also sounds like you are getting organized and eliminating some stressful things. Hope it all runs smoothly for you.

  • Kim

    Doing some new things and letting go of some old ones usually does a person good. I love finding a good barter, so way to go on that. Thanks for the mention!

  • Brian @ Luke1428

    We’ve made some big decisions too while relaxing on vacation. There’s something about getting away from the daily grind that brings a new perspective and clarity to our challenges.

  • alwayshungry4

    I love that pic, it’s so true! I’m glad to hear that your injury is slowly but surely getting better (even if there was pain the next day), and that you find some solutions with your life priorities. I’ll be keeping an eye out on where your life takes you next!

  • Mackenzie

    Hang in there, T! Hope you had a good weekend :)

  • MyMoneyDesign

    Sorry to hear about so much going on and the lack of time for Healthy, Fit, and Frugal. Do you have any plans to sell or hire someone else to manage it?

  • Megan Michael

    Yay I’m glad you get to keep going to that gym! I know you said you liked it but it was super expensive. I can’t even imagine how much gyms in LA cost. I go to little ‘ol Planet Fitness in Central PA and it’s $10 a month! No classes or anything though. Just lots of equipment, clean, and a nice shower area. I am sad you will no longer be updating Healthy Fit & Frugal BUT I bookmarked this site and will follow you here. :)